Ashtaar Interiors

Ashtaar Interiors is a leading interior design and fit-out company in Dubai, offering bespoke design solutions for various industries. They prioritize creativity, quality, integrity, and collaboration, delivering exceptional value to clients.


Ashtaar Interiors LLC Plot No. 369-259, Dubai Investment Park 2, P.O. Box: 215661, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 8800533

The Art of Joinery: Creating Customized Pieces for Your Space

At Ashtaar Interiors, we take pride in our joinery services, which are an essential part of our interior design and fit-out solutions. With our own joinery factory located in Dubai Investment Park 2 (DIP 2), we have complete control over the production of high-quality, bespoke furniture pieces and fittings that are customized to our clients’ specific requirements.

Our joinery factory is equipped with the latest technology and machinery, which enables us to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and functional. Our team of skilled craftsmen, designers, and engineers work closely together to ensure that every piece that we produce is of the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of joinery services, including the design and production of customized wardrobes, dressing rooms, kitchens, doors, cabinets, counters, fire-rated timber doors and more. Our team works with a variety of materials, including solid wood, MDF, HDF, plywood, and laminates, to create unique pieces that are tailored to our clients’ preferences.

One of the advantages of having our own joinery factory is that we can oversee every aspect of the production process, from the initial design to the final installation. This allows us to maintain complete control over quality, timelines, and costs, which ultimately benefits our clients.

We believe that joinery is an art form that requires both skill and creativity. Our team of craftsmen takes pride in creating pieces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We believe that every piece of furniture should be a work of art, and we strive to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

In addition to our joinery services, we also offer a wide range of other interior design and fit-out solutions. Our team works closely with clients to understand their requirements and vision, and we strive to bring their ideas to life through our innovative and state-of-the-art design solutions.

If you’re looking for customized furniture pieces or fittings for your space, look no further than Ashtaar Interiors. Contact us today to learn more about our joinery services and how we can help bring your vision to life.